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Once a week, I take dancing courses in the evening or practice with my medical university choir. On the other days I finish the evening watching good series often medical ones like Dr.

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After that I have to decide which field is the most exciting and which specialised training I want to do in order to become an attending physician. I want to do something where I can pursue research, preferably in an interdisciplinary field and where I find passion and joy. I am curious to see where my scientific career will lead me in the next few years and hoping that some day I can contribute something to society that will help people.

I enjoy simple things like reading a book or watching good series to relax after a stressful day. As a scientist I am not only interested in researching but also in making it applicable to the general public. Since a couple of years I am engaged in science communication and work as a freelance science journalist for Spektrum der Wissenschaft Scilogs and DocCheck alongside my study. Every female scientist has my huge admiration and it is most important not to be afraid of anything just because of being a woman.

I personally think that the use of big data algorithms and artificial intelligence will lead to new solutions for the diagnosis and therapy of illnesses. We could characterise biomarkers for early detection of certain cancer types, make further progress in the field of personalised medicine, improve robotic surgery, discover new triggers of diseases or develop urgently needed drugs in a faster and safer way.

Robert Bly Lecture: Passion and Purpose in Men and Women (1988)

Ulrike Boehm is a physicist and science enthusiast. She loves to develop and build tools to image, probe and manipulate biological structures. Furthermore, she is passionate about science communication and open science and is a huge advocate for women in science. Feb 25, Kimberly Byrd rated it it was amazing. It's been over a decade since I read this book. So I'm sure details are long forgotten. But I think what liked most about this book is that it didn't fall into the neat package other romance books constantly shove at you. But I only just found out it's not really a romance but a book with historical facts.

Well that's even better cause it made history fun. Aug 27, Shayna rated it it was amazing.

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Henley masterfully brings the emotion to life that is missing from history books. She makes it possible to understand why Kings and Queens did such ridiculous things because she makes them human and thus we are able to relate to them. Jun 02, Jamie rated it really liked it. This one was great, but i wish it was longer based on the characters. I would have like to have more time with them it seemed like it was just a few chapters and I would have like an additional 20 chapters of their battle of wills!

Jan 08, Elizabeth rated it really liked it Shelves: historical-period , romance , sitting-on-my-bookshelf , favorites. I read this a while ago at least 10 years, probably longer? I haven't forgotten about this book, which I think says something for it, and it got me interested in Bess of Hardwick and Chatsworth Manor. Jun 28, Mary VanWinkle rated it it was amazing. Spoiler ahead. Was recommended another book by Virginia Henley but decided on this one instead because it was inspired by a real woman.

I was not expecting much based on the title and cover art but boy, did I devour it! Fictional Bess was my kind of heroine: poor, ambitious and a fellow big bosom sufferer. I like that she was a girl of action and always had a practical plan to get herself ahead. I appreciate when a book makes me look up a bit of history along the way and every time a new name Spoiler ahead. I appreciate when a book makes me look up a bit of history along the way and every time a new name was mentioned, I'd look the person up.

So, I knew beforehand what would happen to people, especially to Bess' many husbands but that didn't make the passing of William Cavendish any easier. I was completely hurt about a man's passing centuries ago even though his reallife counterpart wasn't so devastating. But in the book Henley writes him prefectly, the epitome of man and for the entire first half of the book, you're just dying everytime he's on the page with Bess. After that you really can't care about Bess third husband, St. Loe you didn't even care about her first, the sickly boy next door. I felt that after Cavendish died, the character of Talbot was his natural successor because he was there all along.

This book isn't completely historically accurate but that's not what you're looking for in a romance. What you're looking for is a great heroine check , steamy scenes there were lots, even some that were cringe-worthy thanks to hubbys 1 and 3 and a fun read.

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I think I'll read another of Virginia Henley's books! Magnificent I absolutely love this story. I read it about 4 - 5 times every year. All has been said about Lady Virginia and I totally agree with all her superlatives.

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I have read her books for many years and they all, all have been exceptional. She is is in my top 3 authors. Jul 21, Caroline rated it it was amazing. I loved this book. It was passionate, wonderful and I am tempted to re-read it! A great work of history and fiction Ms. Henley breathes life into the dry bones of history and makes it live again for her readers.

She does not take liberties with historic events but rather fills in the empty spaces with beautiful fiction. Bess Hardwick was indeed a woman of passion, beauty and ambition, a poor farmer's daughter who step by step raised herself up to become the Countess of Shrewsbury and create a dynasty.

She buried three husbands and married a fourth time. She had eight children, six of which survived to adulthood. Chatsworth was the shining jewel of her achievement. Thank you, Ms. Henley, for this magnificent story. Jan 06, maricar rated it it was ok Shelves: romance. Mar 16, Linda rated it really liked it. I like books that tell me anything about the kings and Queens of England. I can read through the descriptive jaunts into the lovemaking in these romance novels and still picture what it was to have lived in these times.

Jul 11, Gaile rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , 16th-century , elizabethan-era. She was the wealthiest woman in England at the time and with the same name as the queen, she was always to live in the shadow of Elizabeth I. I don't usually read romance novels but this historical fiction was passionate and erotic but not vulgar. A wonderful love story Dec 20, K. Ellis rated it it was amazing. Bess is awesome. Best part is it's "mostly" true. Shelves: , virginia-henley , given-away-loaned.

At first I didn't think that I would like this one but as I stuck with it it I found that I really did like this one. Aug 31, Jennifer rated it really liked it. By far my favourite love story of Virginia Henley's books!! Sep 16, Melissa DeHart rated it it was amazing. One of my favorite historical romances. I grabbed my chair on the patio and began to read figuring a break would do me good. I can't remember the name of the story today but I can remember something the writer wrote. Oh how this sentence ministered to me!

by Alan Barrie

I got my book in the mail today. I cried, of course, to know the author and some of the writers is so exciting. The acknowledgements were so touching that they, too, brought tears to my eyes. Jan's way with words!

Passion dies 'as soon as a woman is sure of her man'

I did read one of the stories last night; it was just awesome. I can't wait to read more! I love you, Jan, and I thank you for an awesome book.