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Well, he told us not to say anything, but I'm going to say it anyway. Any repercussions will be on my head. If Jack trusted you, I will too. Alora was cowering behind the bench, her little eyes glimmering like cat's eyes in the dark. All three of us. And before you try and walk away, watch this His jaw dropped. There's more. The best has yet to come.

An invisible force seem to scatter the dirt on the basketball court away from where he once stood. This is some kind of prank—but how? No, its real. I always knew there was something funny about Jack. As far back as eighth grade.

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He fell out of a bunk bed once and—oh, geez. This is, freakishly When it subsided, Caleb and the Grey children heard a choir of dogs howling from the nearby houses along Kingfisher street, and flocks of hidden nightbirds singing fervently from the trees. Then after a minute they stopped as if on silent command.

Her eyes were shimmering white like James', and her arms were straight by her sides as if she was in some strange trance. They are scared. Something is about to happen. They saw dark silhouettes moving towards them. James grabbed Alora's arm.

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We have to get out of here! He ran after them as they made for the street a nd the protection of its lights. Then the footpath ahead was blocked off by a wall of six cloaked figures. Men and women with pale faces and black eyes. The Grey children slowed their brisk pace, then stopped.

Then out of the dark mass of silhouettes stepped a teenage girl—or so she seemed. She was just as pale as the others, with long blonde hair that stuck out of her black hood in two thick braids. The finger that she pointed at them with had a long black nail that curled wickedly like a wolf's claw. All her fingernails were the same. The new King of the Dead. All creatures of the night know his name. James did not waver in his new found courage, and his eyes ignited in furious pits of white-fire.

Alora's also lit up, but she hid behind Caleb. Then he remembered where. He remembered the afternoon Jack was trying to tell him about Atlantis at the bus stop. She was the pretty girl on the bus in front of them. She must of heard their conversation.

1 Introduction

Her pace quickened and her claws were bared like knives ready to strike. Unfortunately, your charm won't work this time. A motorbike pulled up under a street light, and two figures in leather jackets and black helmets unmounted. When the rider removed their helmet first, James and Alora's eyes lit up in excitement and joy.

Then the second helmet came off. A long mane of blue-dyed hair cascaded down over the woman's shoulders. A soft, pretty face with big blue eyes, and a distinct nose-ring glittered under the light. The two newcomers ran towards the group of shadows. It now took the shape of a silver trident. Five Revenant warriors unsheathed crude swords and axes from ancient Lemuria and charged Rowan and Emily. Their eyes burned bright red under their cowls, and their flesh began to move and stretch as they loped forward.

One tall Revenant threw off its cloak, revealing a bloody, severed dog's head clenched in one of its fists. It had decapitated the dog earlier to absorb the animal's life-force, and was now changing in form, taking on the aspect of the dead animal. When the Revenant was close enough to Rowan he saw its head had changed from that of a man's to a horrible imitation of a snarling canine with a red stone glittering from its forehead.

What plants and animals live in the intertidal zone?

The sick trophy was also now nothing more than a skull covered in ash, which the undead creature hurled at him before following through with a swing from his broad bladed axe. Rowan batted the dog skull away, and pivoted around the axe slash, coming in close and stabbing his glaive deep into the snapping jaws of razor-sharp teeth. The dog head choked on the blade, which pieced out the back of the Revenant's neck. Falling heavily to the ground, Rowan smashed its red Doom Stone shard to pieces with the metal heel of his boot. Emily stabbed a smaller Revenant in the chest with her trident, kicked its limp body off, then spun and hit another with her weapon's haft end in its forehead, shattering its Doom Stone shard before it had time to shape-shift into anything nasty.

The one with the trident wound to the chest writhed on the grass; but was silenced by the trident smashing its Doom Stone shard too. Mark my words! Rowan quickly dispatched one Revenant with his glaive by beheading it and then stomping it stone into crystalline dust.

James spread his arms out wide, keeping Caleb and his younger sister back from the last Revenant that turned away from Emily and began running towards them. Turning away from his headless foe laying sprawled over a park bench, Rowan joined the charge. Before the lore-kin could reach the Revenant, James swung his gaze to a sword one of dead creatures had dropped on the ground, and lifted it up with his mind.

Moonlight danced along its chipped and jagged edge, illuminating its vicious design. The Revenant was almost on top of him when he threw it with sharp accuracy at the red stone that glittered like a burning target in its head. A sickening crunch was heard, and the Revenant was instantly dead, falling backwards into the flailing arms of Emily who had just come up behind it.

With unrestrained fury, Emily stabbed its head with her glaive-trident until it was unrecognisable fragments of black bone. Your turn. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Brittle , please sign up.

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Rating details. Sort order. I would tell myself, "Oh, I only have time for a chapter.

I have other things to do," but I would end up reading three or four I could really relate to Sara, even though I don't have diabetes. I really like it, and I'm going to recommend it as a great read for young adults like myself :D ". There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About Jordan Calher.

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Jordan Calher. Been writing and creating for years. Print version available on Amzon. Books by Jordan Calher. Trivia About Brittle Between