Действие есть форма. Выступление Виктора Гюго на конференции TED. (Russian Edition)

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How different are the beliefs of various peoples across the world!


This is a warlike people. The peoples of the Commonwealth will have a new monetary unit. Read and translate the sentences paying particular attention to the nouns in bold type. These scales are not correct. My glasses have become too weak for me. The scissors are blunt. My kid's pyjamas are made of cotton.

Exercises in Modern English Grammar

These tights were made in Italy. Don't you think your trousers are too short? What are your earrings made of? The goods have arrived. Give my best regards to your family. The surroundings were unfamiliar to him. The cleaner collected all the floor sweepings and potato peelings lying near the rubbish pipe.

My wages have risen considerably lately.

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The outskirts of this town are shabby looking. Her clothes are very trendy. Clothes make the man: the old saying is rather to the point. Clothes are no longer something one doesn't discuss. Clothes are part of the image.

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The information about this company All the furniture in this office My knowledge of German These shorts This equipment The scissors The Government These trousers The weather These stairs. The headphones on my new walkman Yesterday's homework Her luggage Your advice Thank you. The news The team The hospital staff Judging by the fact that Malfoy usually had the best of everything, his family She came from a large, close-knit, and loving clan who A pin, a hat, a fox, a baby, a day, potato, a volcano, a piano, a photo, a knife, a roof, a half, a leaf, a cliff, a chief, a life, a family, a queue, a bath, a berry, a valley, a century, a salmon, a taxi, a person, a penny, a watch, a virtuoso, a lily, a woodworm.

A man, a woman, a German, a foot, a tooth, a sheep, a ship, a fish, an ox, a fox, a child, a fireman, a mouse, a swine, a house, a louse, a goose, a mongoose, a deer, a means, a series, a species, an aircraft, an offspring, a Swiss, a Japanese, a Maltese, a Portuguese, a Chinese, a Milanese. A passer-by, a mother-in-law, a room-mate, a forget-me-not, a merry-go-round, a fellowworker, a man-of-war, a school-inspector, a commander-in-chief, a boy-messenger, a personnel-manager, a woman-driver, a man-servant, a hanger-on, a face-lift, a spoonful, a cupful, a boyfriend, a grown-up, an office-block, a workmate.

Consult the table and give the plural of the following foreign words. Read and translate the sentences. Comment on the words in bold type. Money can't buy happiness, and it certainly can't buy health. Years ago Blackie told me that money was meant to be spent and he was correct. Whoever said that money doesn't buy happiness was misinformed, in my opinion.

It buys a lot of happiness for a lot of people. And frankly, I'd rather be miserable with money than without it.

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English money is not accepted here. All Bess's money goes on clothes. Her linen comes from Holland. The money was sent by cheque. The project received community monies. Public money is like water, everyone helps himself to it. We've got a fascinating piece of news for you. News travels pretty fast.

I'm sorry to say that there are "friends" who delight in breaking bad news. They want advice on how to do it. We got an advice.

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The scout brought valuable information. It helped a lot. Does this information interest you? What hard work! But it's rewarding. The works is closed today. It's perfect weather for flying today. She's wearing galoshes in all weathers. If you think about money positively, it will come to you. Borrow money from pessimists — they don't expect it back. Money is the root of all wealth. Comment on the meaning of the words in bold type. The fishermen are out in all weathers. If you don't catch any fish, there's no pay. My employer was an importer of rare tropical fish. Try this fish.

Everybody who tries it, likes it. Everybody who likes it, loves it. They scraped a living by catching crab, lobster and crayfish. Meredith peered down into the pond.

timontmenbackslin.ga Forget him! There are many other fish in the sea. He had a big collection of minerals, insects and fishes.

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  5. He studies the fishes of the Atlantic. What an odd fish he is! They've been fishing since dawn but so far haven't caught a single fish. There are carp, trout, pike in this river. Are you fishing out for a compliment? A flying fish can project itself through the air at a speed of about thirty-five miles per hour. The stars glittered in the sky like so many fish. The largest of all fish is the Whale Shark. It may grow up to 15 metres long and may weigh over 14 tons, over twice as much as an average African elephant!

    Though it has three thousand teeth, it will never bite you. This sea giant is quite harmless. It eats only tiny shrimp and fish. Translate into English. Read and retell the following text in indirect speech. One day a sailor came from a voyage and said to his mother, "I have been on many voyages and have seen a lot of strange things.

    My companions and I once rowed for six days in an open boat and found ourselves in a sea of milk, in the middle of which was a mountain of sugar. I noticed too that the milk tasted quite fresh. On another occasion we came across an island of cheese and it tasted like Dutch cheese. But the greatest wonder of all the wonders I have ever seen are the flying fish of the Southern Pacific, which fly for quite a long time when they are pursued by their enemies.

    Seas of milk and islands of cheese there may be, and I quite believe that they exist. But flying fish are out of the question. Nothing and nobody will make me believe it, unless I see those wonders with my own eyes! Comment on the meanings of the word fruit.


    Fruit is rich in mineral salts and vitamins. Is fruit cheap this year?