Follow the Sun: The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Snowbird (The Snowbird Life series)

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She also held the title of director of RV business development at Flying J Truck Stops, where she doubled the size of their RV consumer club at the end of one year to over , members. During her term at ARVC, she focused on outreach to the parks and state organizations, attending trade shows and meetings in order to communicate directly with the membership.

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He is in a long term care home now, but we have found out that Dan Westfall is trying to put together a non profit society to save the mountain and maintain it in the future. If you click on the image on the right it will take you to the website and in the near future they will have a donation page and sign up page for volunteers and helpers to save the mountain. If you have never seen this work of art, do it now and help us to save it for future enjoyment.

Safety advocates say aging increases the risk of dangerous and often deadly tire failures. American tire companies have helped defeat proposed laws in eight states that would require inspection of tires for age. Not six years of use, but six years after the date the tire was manufactured.

Does it blow or because the tire is a little bit drier comes off the rim, or things like that or just a combination of things? What often happens is the tread separates from the tire. The investigation also found that 80 percent of the tires recalled for safety defects are still on the road. You can find out the age of your tires. The date of production can be found at the end of an 11 or 12 digit identification number of the tires sidewall. As you can see from my car, the tires were made in the 9th week of That would be the first week of March. Several factors can affect the speed and responsiveness of the WiFi in the park that may not be a factor, or as big of a factor as it is at home.

The WiFi in the park is shared among many users and devices. You may have a dozen WiFi enabled devices at home, but there may be hundreds of devices online in the park. At home you may be fortunate to have very fast cable or fiber Internet service, however in many rural and semi-rural areas slower DSL or satellite based service may be all that is available. This slower service must be shared among many users and dozens or hundreds of devices.

Movies, music and videos consume a lot of data bandwidth. Since the WiFi system in the park is shared by many users, downloading movies and videos can seriously impact other users in the park.

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How much bandwidth is consumed by different actives? For comparison:. Using a social networking site for 10 minutes i.

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A two hour movie can be the equivalent amount of bandwidth of over 4 million emails! WiFi is based on radio signals, and just like the radio in your car the signals can be affected and blocked by both physical obstacles and interference from other devices. Some WiFi devices have better quality radios and antennas than other devices. You may have something physically blocking your reception such as another RV, a building or vehicle.

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Or there may be some other electrical or electronic device in or near your RV that is causing interference. Or your neighbor may have a WiFi enabled device with a really good quality radio in it. If you can see other WiFi signals but not the park WiFi on your device, check to see if other devices on your site or near you can see the park WiFi. You may be in an area that they have not extended WiFi into, or the system may be having issues.

Add exposure to elements such as rain, wind and lightning and the equipment is subject to more wear and needs attention more often. Getting dropped can mean actually losing the radio signal connection, or it can be maintaining the connection but the flow of data stops or slows to a point where it is not usable for what you want to do.

There are other electrical or electronic devices nearby causing interference. You may be able to maintain the radio signal connection, but the flow of data stops or slows to a point where it is not usable for all of the reasons above, and additionally there may be to many users on the Internet connection shared by the park, the Internet Service Provider for the park may be experiencing issues common on Satellite based systems or the website you are accessing may be experiencing high volumes.

Sometimes just moving a few feet or moving outside of your RV is all that is needed to make a big difference.

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If that does not work try plugging your device into AC power, as some devices reduce the power to the radio and screens when unplugged to extend battery life. For laptops with internal WiFi cards, if the range is not good consider investing in an external WiFi adapter. These devices plug into a USB port and have external antennas that are often better than the internal antennas manufactures build into their laptops.

There are device sold by different manufacturers that allegedly increase the range of WiFi by picking the signal up off the air and rebroadcasting it. Generally these devices create more noise than usable signal, and will not help you get better WiFi. Oddly, some WiFi enabled devices will misinterpret the noise as signal, and report better signal strengths, but at the same time the speeds will decrease or stop altogether.

Reprints without permission are strictly prohibited. To receive permission send an email to: pwright FocusedWords. WiFi in Canadian National Parks. The Calgary Herald is reporting that Parks Canada has revealed plans to offer WiFi service at its national parks and national historic sites. The move is part of a push by the national parks agency to attract a younger generation through its gates, said Andrew Campbell, a Parks Canada vice-president.

At most sites, WiFi will be offered free of charge, Parks Canada says. The tender document lists Parks Canada sites where WiFi service could be offered. The Rideau Canal is among the nearly national historic sites listed for WiFi service, though Parks Canada does not say how many hot spots there would be along the historic kilometer waterway. Winnebago Industries, Inc. Over 20 years ago, Scott Krupa built a site RV park. As he tried to expand his business and build more parks, he quickly learned that RV parks were being threatened by a new type of business model. The referral business of people renting out their their available space for RV parking was very popular because of cheaper rates and the new experience it brought with it, especially in areas where RV parks were not welcome.

Scott began building relationships with the people who were renting their personal spaces out for RV parking. He soon learned there were many--even a network of people willing to rent out to one another. At first, a membership website where people can find a variety of personal spaces and buy a membership seemed appropriate. He quickly learned there were a few websites that already met that need. One day, Scott stumbled upon Airbnb. Soon after, Scott spent two years using a technology platform that was unable to deliver, dealing with endless bugs and poor customer service, which led to a delay and interruption to his original dream.

Fortunately, Scott found Near Me, a peer-to-peer commerce solution ready to take his idea to the next level. One of the benefits of using RVwithMe spaces over a traditional RV park is the personalization it brings. This builds a unique community better than any site RV park could ever do. Why stay at a RV park, that mirrors a giant parking lot?

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  • Instead, stay in a lot hosted by a loving family in North Dakota and enjoy the resources that are made available to you for parking on their site. See the world up close and personal--beyond the cement parking lot. Enhance your trip, meet real locals and be exposed to more than you ever could staying on the traditional path. Not going anywhere? Park or rent your RV out today. Understanding propane cylinder markings.

    Some of these markings will provide you with the following:. These cylinders need to be requalified or replaced every ten years. How about virtual on-line trade show? For more info Airstream Dealer Awards. What is it? A Generational Change. Affinity Becomes Good Sam. Cruise Inn Appointment. Fifth Wheel Safe Towing. Jeff Daniels Tour. Kwikee Not Involved In Foreclosure.

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    Salvation Mountain At Slab City. Safety Concerns About Tires. Tips For First Time Snowbirds. Woodalls And Trailer Life Combine.

    Winnebago Dealer Awards. Have a news story about the RV industry or lifestyle. Routing RVs There are a variety of federal, state, and local laws that govern where large vehicles may or may not travel. The biergarten offers more than 50 varieties of beer from local breweries like Squatters, Uinta, Bohemian and Moab Brewery in addition to traditional German-style classics.

    No frothy stein is complete without a sauerkraut-covered bratwurst or Weisswurst, some spaetzle and apple strudel. Oktoberfest is a free event running every Saturday and Sunday from noon until p. Snowbird charges for parking during the event, so carpool whenever possible and purchase a reusable Snowbird Oktoberfest beer stein to save a few bucks on your beer purchases. A slightly-more refined gathering awaits in the Wasatch Back.

    The Park City Wine Festival is an over event with more than wine, beer and spirit varieties available throughout the weekend. The festival takes place at a variety of venues around Park City from October A bevy of events including the Walk of Wine with unique wine pairings to Main Street galleries and The Grand Tasting featuring hundreds of domestic and international wines at Canyons Village are perfect for the amateur sommeliers out there. Visit the Park City Wine Festival website for a full listing of the festival events and to purchase tickets online.