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Quirky is the word I'd use to describe this book. Quirky, with a large dose of paranormal and magic, and such an adorably odd character in Eldred. I didn't read the first book in this series, but I had no issues following the plot, so I would definitely classify this as perfectly doable as a standalone.

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Eldred Henstare is a not so powerful witch responsible to help the lingering spirits in his city move into the light. His twin brother is his anchor, as we find out. Eldred is also a shameless flirt, something that he does without even really thinking about, and a bit of a smartass, but in a good way.

The latest spirit is calling him to the old lighthouse where he meets Mo Vin. Mo sees the younger man and has no idea what's happening. Befuddled but intrigued by Eldred, he kind of just follows along, pulls the wet and bedraggled man from the shore into his small cottage, and offers him the couch for the night. Then things get weird for Mo, because he sees stuff that doesn't seem to be real, but maybe is. Or maybe it isn't. Mo still has no idea what's happening, but Eldred says what must be done, so Mo just kind of stumbles along. Eldred's shameless flirting certainly helps.

As I said, this is a quirky story with magic and salt circles, and I had fun reading this. Not my usual fare, but certainly something I might want more of. It had witty dialogue, fun characters, and a nice paranormal plot. My only complaint is that this wasn't long enough to let me see what happens after Mo becomes Eldred's anchor and how that will play out going forward. Fun sexy, tattooed guy with a harley meets upper crust society woman. He is a two hander with extra bits and knows how to swing it. He has what is called a magic penis. Log in with Facebook. Forgot password?

But it's really not a system. There's another problem with this ink based magic too. But it can be made to work if you make the effort. Respect Your World Next problem! Gischler's writing style clashes with the world he's presenting in this book. Middle Ages, minimal science.

They wouldn't. Their life sucks either way. If you're going to use them in your fantasy world, you'd better build in the elements that make them make sense. For a start, he's the King. If he wants the Duchess to marry his son… she marries his son. Secondly he can't simply ignore an invading army. Well it has a nice cover… View 1 comment. My first Audiobook! I must say I don't know how you guys do it.

The narrator had a really nice voice and was very good at miming the different characters. I liked her. It took a while to get into though, the audiobook. First, how do you guys listen for 7hrs to the same book! I think Audiobooks will be a rarity for me. Even sped up , it was slow. I found myself reading the page and then waiting for the narrator to catch My first Audiobook! I found myself reading the page and then waiting for the narrator to catch up.

I was able to listen while on the move so that's a plus. On to the book It was quite nice, I liked it. Rina was quite a formidable heroine and she didn't start that way, you could see the growth with each passing page. The secondary characters were also pleasant. I can't wait to read the rest of the series. View all 4 comments. Rina is the would-be duchess in Klaar, when the supposed inexpugnable city is conquered by the Perranese a loyal help her to flee the city.

Let me get strait that this is not a YA book.


There is a lot of sex and violence. The tone following the vicissitudes of Tosh -the deserter soldier and one of the others POV- in the city is really diferent, crude and more realistic, than the adventures following Rina traipsing in the wild searching for the wizards with no plan in her head.

What is her aim? To me, is like she only wants to be back to her old life. In any moment she thinks in the people of Klaar view spoiler [, and I still find awful that she just let Kork wounded in the snow when she enters the cave, adn never think in ask for he be allowed inside hide spoiler ].

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She ask a ton of Alem, treating him like a servant and not even thank him. And the fool follow her like a puppy She wears her destiny around her neck like a lead weight. It will drag down anyone who tries to hold her up. Because never mind all the secretive, and the warning about the dangerous wizards, people keep pointing in their direction with a wink to her and they just give up their knowlege??

And she master those power in a blink , of course. The idea of the ink is interesting. Specially view spoiler [ the first one that allow to add the others hide spoiler ] But with the last addition she is too much. Torsh in the tavern and Braisley with his politics are more credible, specially the guy trying to scape from all this.

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He tried not to cry, but the ache behind his eyes overpowered him. He let it go and cried with abandon, his animal keening echoing along the deserted, snow-crusted streets of Klaar. I feel you, Tosh. Jan 19, Montzalee Wittmann rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites.

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Ink Mage by Victor Gischler is a wonderful fantasy novel about a girl, a duchess, that sees her father and mother murdered in front of her by an invading army and traitor. She is helped out of the city by her body guard and friend to see a wizard that gives her a powerful and magical tattoo that strengthens her body and helps her fight. She later gets more tattoos and soon so is very powerful.

She is also assisted by others and they have many adventures on the way. Lots of characters and stories Ink Mage by Victor Gischler is a wonderful fantasy novel about a girl, a duchess, that sees her father and mother murdered in front of her by an invading army and traitor. Lots of characters and stories in the book that come together near the end, great weave.

I won't tell more but it is very exciting,full of action, imagination, blow by blow play that happens quickly, amazing feats, a bit of romance, a wonderful plot and complex characters.

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I want to see more. I was given this book for a honest review from NetGalley but will look for the next book, it was that good. Loved it! Fantasy at it's best. Feb 19, Jason M Waltz rated it really liked it Shelves: fantastical , heroic , series , ebooks. I enjoyed this one.

I like the girl growing into a woman, a duchess, a magic user, a leader, a lover heroine. I like the world, the magic, the plot, the sidekicks, the adventure. I'm heading off into book 2 now. Which just might be all my review needed to say. Double crosses and questionable allegiances ensue as Rina seeks help from all manner of unlikely sources to rid her homeland of its conquering guests including gypsies. This was a most interesting read.