Love and Death in the Third World

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They labour in unsafe and inhuman conditions that prevent them from feeling on a par with others. They lack unemployment compensation, benefits, or even provision for sickness. Ps As in a hunt, the poor are trapped, captured and enslaved. As a result, many of them become disheartened, hardened and anxious only to drop out of sight. In a word, we see before us a multitude of poor people often maligned and barely tolerated. They become for all effects invisible and their voice is no longer heard or heeded in society. Men and women who are increasingly strangers amid our houses and outcasts in our neighborhoods.

The setting of the Psalm is tinged with sadness at the injustice, the suffering and the disappointment endured by the poor. In the Scriptures, the poor are those who trust! Impressive and completely unexpected as this description is, it simply expresses the grandeur of God, as shown in the way he relates to the poor.

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It is precisely this confidence in the Lord, this certainty of not being forsaken, that inculcates hope. The poor know that God cannot abandon them; hence, they live always in the presence of the God who is mindful of them.

Scripture constantly speaks of God acting on behalf of the poor. God is the one who renders justice and does not forget cf. Ps ; ; he is their refuge and he never fails to come to their assistance cf.

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We can build any number of walls and close our doors in the vain effort to feel secure in our wealth, at the expense of those left outside. It will not be that way for ever.

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Am ; Is ; Jl , will destroy the barriers created between nations and replace the arrogance of the few with the solidarity of many. The marginalization painfully experienced by millions of persons cannot go on for long. Their cry is growing louder and embraces the entire earth. We can never elude the urgent appeal that Scripture makes on behalf of the poor.

Wherever we look, the word of God points to the poor, those who lack the necessities of life because they depend on others. They are the oppressed, the lowly and the downcast. The God that Jesus came to reveal is a Father who is generous, merciful, unfailing in his goodness and grace. He gives hope especially to those who are disillusioned and lacking in hope for the future. The meaning of this paradoxical message is that the kingdom of God belongs to the poor because they are in a position to receive it.

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How many poor people do we encounter each day! It seems that the passage of time and the advances of civilization increase their numbers rather than diminishing them. Centuries go by and the Beatitude appears even more paradoxical: the poor are always poorer, and today they are poorer than ever.

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Yet Jesus who inaugurated his kingdom by placing the poor at the centre, wanted to tell us precisely this: he inaugurated the kingdom, but he has entrusted to us, his disciples, the task of carrying it forward with responsibility for giving hope to the poor. Especially at times like our own, there is a need to revive hope and to restore confidence.

This responsibility is not something that the Christian community may underestimate. Thousands are killed in a terrorist attack. Hundreds drown in a tsunami, while scores of others are buried in an earthquake. In the beginning, about 6, years ago, God created the universe and everything in it in six actual days. The original creation was a beautiful place, full of life and joy in the presence of the Creator.

Both humans and animals were vegetarians at the time of creation. Also, to every beast of the earth, to every bird of the air, and to everything that creeps on the earth, in which there is life, I have given every green herb for food. Because eating a plant can kill it, some people claim that death was part of the original creation. The Bible makes a distinction, though, between plants and animals.

This distinction is expressed in the Hebrew word nephesh , which describes an aspect of life attributed only to animals and humans. Plants do not possess this nephesh quality and so cannot die in the scriptural sense. The original creation was very good. If there was no animal or human death when God finished His creation and pronounced it very good, why do we die now? We see death all around us today. Something must have happened to change creation—that something was sin. God placed Adam and Eve in a perfect paradise.

As their Creator, He had authority over them. Both Adam and Eve ate it. Their actions resulted in the punishment that God had warned them about. God is holy and cannot tolerate sin in His presence. The just Creator righteously kept His promise that punishment would follow their disobedience. Ashamed and afraid, Adam and Eve tried to escape the consequences of their sin by making coverings of fig leaves.

But by themselves, they could not cover what they had done. They needed something else to provide a covering.

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A blood sacrifice was necessary to cover their guilt before God. To illustrate the horrible consequences of sin, God killed an animal and made coats of skin to cover Adam and Eve. We are not told what type of animal was killed, but perhaps it was something like a lamb to symbolize Jesus Christ , the Lamb of God, who would shed His own blood to take away our sins.

Genesis 3 also reveals that the ground was cursed. Thorns and thistles were now part of the world. Animals were cursed, the serpent more than the rest. The world was no longer perfect but sin-cursed. Suffering and death now abounded in that once-perfect creation. After Adam and Eve sinned and were banished from the Garden of Eden Genesis —24 , they began to have children. Every human is a descendant of Adam and Eve, born with the same problem: a sinful nature. If we are honest with ourselves, we will realize that Adam is a fair representative for all of us.

We have all, at some point, disobeyed a command from the Creator, so we all deserve to die and suffer eternal punishment in hell.

Why Does God’s Creation Include Death and Suffering?

We must understand that not one of us is innocent before God. In the beginning, God sustained His creation in its perfect state. The account of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness provides a glimpse of how things might have been in the original creation. The garments of the Israelites did not wear out, nor did their feet swell for the forty years they camped in the desert Deuteronomy God is omnipotent and perfectly capable of sustaining and protecting His creation.

When Adam sinned, however, the Lord cursed the universe. In essence there was a change, and along with that change God began to uphold the creation in a cursed state. Suffering and death entered into His creation. The whole universe now suffers from the effects of sin Romans The sad things e.

God took pleasure in all of His creation Revelation , but He loved people most of all. He uses the deterioration of the created universe to show us the consequences of our sin. If we did not experience the consequences of our rebellion against the Creator, we would never understand that we need salvation from our sin, and we would never receive His offer of mercy for our sin.

Most people easily recognize that there is a problem in the world. We need to realize that there is One who has overcome this problem of death and suffering—Jesus Christ. Sadly, the consequences for our sin are much worse than life in a cursed universe. ICD is here! A version released on 18 June is available for Member States and other stakeholders to use in order to begin preparations for implementation in country, such as preparing translations.

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