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Subscribe to this podcast. Weekly episodes include romance novel read-alongs and discussions of the work of the genre, highlighting the romance novel as a powerful tool in fighting patriarchy…with absolutely no kink shaming. Woof, you guys. We also get all the titles wrong, as usual. We heard you! Scott Fitzgerald: Dreaming of You. We also talk about how we think Derek Craven changed the romance hero game, what might have been in the water in romance in the early-mid s, and Sarah tells a few stories about her weekend with the queen herself, Lisa Kleypas.

We're Back! Over the season, we'll tackle 10 or so books that blooded each of us -- we'll deep dive, discuss, and delight in each other's picks -- and we've got some fun ideas for how you all can share the books that blooded you! We begin in two weeks with the primordial text for both of us We'll talk Derek Craven's cockney accent, Sara Fielding's legendary novel, Lisa Kleypas's immense skill with talismans, and we'll get to the very bottom of some of the most controversial bits of this glorious book that the two of us love a whole lot. Now, you can, too! Nine Minutes with Jen.

Yes, yes, we're on hiatus. But we can't stop, won't stop! In this mini episode, Jen talks to her friend Elizabeth about what we can do when someone judges our romance reading. Six Minutes with Sarah. We're on hiatus until September, when we'll start Season 2, but here is a quick hi from Sarah, with a story from her trip to the UK that only Fated Mates listeners will appreciate.

Be sure to subscribe to the podcast in your favorite podcasting app so you know the moment we return! The final book of IAD so far is here! Let us talk to your earholes about wicked heroes and why we love them! Shadow's Claim and Shadow's Seduction. Sarah has a new book coming next week! Preorder now, and get Brazen the second it is released into the world on Tuesday, July 30th! Sweet Ruin. Listen as Jen and Sarah discuss Nix as Warrior Queen, make important demands of fan fiction writers in the IAD universe, and generally discuss why this book is one of the best of the series, without question.

Leave us your own version of a love note in comments! Starring Maxim Sevastyan and the first-time escort who lays him flat in all ways , This one has all the insane sex stuff of the last Game Makers book, now with birth control insanity, and a sweet nod to holiday traditions…and a trip into the Internet to look at chastity belts. Discover the series that brought Jen and Sarah together, hear us talk about prison planets, sex planets, the Muppet Show and more.

We are back from vacation and Torture Island is back — surprising no one more than us! We talk about religion and romance, the work this book does in the larger series, and—as always—patriarchy. Friend of the pod, SS Jaxon joins us, too! Alabama passed a terrible law, Georgia and Ohio are right there with them, and other states are following suit.

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Jen and Sarah are talking bodily autonomy — contraception, pregnancy, miscarriage, stillbirth, hysterectomy and abortion and how they exist in romance novels. The Game Makers Series! Or on his cellphone. Or tied up in a sex club.

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Vixen's Fated Mate (Arctic Shifters Book Four)

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