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Vocals include Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Jin, who lend their voices to catchy choruses, playful melodies, and chilling high notes.

The mixture of music styles, light and dark concepts, and beautiful lyricism make Wings an album of unrivaled quality. Artistically alone, the striking cinematography, beautiful set designs, and fashion choices make for a stunning visual experience.

Kyung-hwa’s Favorite Korean Make-up Products [TalkToMeInKorean]

The members themselves, however, are what puts the performances over the top. BTS has an impressive stage presence and works as a cohesive unit to effortlessly pull off insanely difficult choreography. This classic drink was my childhood favorite among Korean dessert drinks and is traditionally made at home when Koreans celebrate holidays like the new year. Milled malt barley provides a unique sweet taste while the soft rice granules floating in the drink give it a wonderful texture. Bungeoppang Korean fish-shaped bread with sweet red bean.

Sure to be a hit with the kids, Bungeoppang is made by baking a pancake-like batter in a fish-shaped mold with sweet red bean filling in the middle. Korean dessert pancake with a surprise! The moment you bite into this pancake, a hot cinnamony syrup oozes into your mouth.

Bulgogi (marinated beef barbecue)

But be careful! Hotteok has a delicious texture, from the chewy dough with a fried crispness on the outside to the chopped walnuts in the syrup, that will make you keep wanting more. Naturally gluten-free, this sweet rice mini bundt cake recipe is a spin-off of my original Tteokppang recipe, which is an oven-baked Korean fusion dessert. What makes this cake unique is the use of sweet rice flour instead of wheat flour, and this recipe features rice flour that was freshly milled at home.

The Best Beauty Advent Calendars - Luxury Makeup, Cosmetic, and Perfume Advent Calendars

Probably the most well known of all Korean desserts outside of Korea, Bingsu or Korean shaved ice dessert will cool you down like no other. While red beans, misugaru roasted multigrain powder , and sweetened condensed milk are the classic toppings in this Korean shaved ice dessert, you can add different toppings of your choice like watermelon.

Just drizzle it with your favorite syrup to bring them all together. This is a refreshing and tasty dessert for hot, summer days! This fun Korean street food will bring out the kid in you! All you need is three ingredients to produce a lightly crunchy yet melt-in-your-mouth candy with a toasty caramel flavor.

This elegant ice cream is light somewhere between sorbet and full creamy ice cream and mildly sweet with a hint of the delicate sour flavor of Korean rice wine, Makgeolli. May these traditional and modern Korean desserts bring joy to you and your loved ones this holiday season. I love bungeobang I love red bean paste and waffles!

The Best (And Most Controversial) Korean Snacks…So Far

I love bungeoppang too!! Red bean paste is soo good with so many desserts — thanks for sharing! Hello, I was wondering if the soju was needed for the Yakgwa or if I can do without it. If it is needed is there something that I can substitute? What is your personal beauty philosophy? What is a beauty product that you can't live without?

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And why? At the moment it would be any one of my oil serums for a few reasons but first and foremost, that glow though. My skin has been completely balanced out since introducing them into my life but the sensory gain during application has become something my mind craves. Any beauty hacks, tips or tricks you can share? I love to add a few drops of oil in my favorite hydrating toner and put it in a small mist bottle to throw in my bag.

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I often layer a hydrating serum 3 times in place of toner and essence. This is something I do when I travel to simplify my routine and the products I bring and I actually like this method.

When it comes to handling stress, do you have any go-to strategies? This is when my ritual becomes more important. Self-care is always sacrificed during times of stress when it can make the biggest difference.