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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. There are nearly 2 billion Muslims on the planet. Following are some of the most frequently asked questions that many people have about what Muslims believe and how we practice our religion. What is Islam? Islam is an Arabic word which means …. So you like what you learned about Islam?

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You understand that Allah will not leave us in the dark without showing us how to live. Well, this article has been put together especially for you. Life as a Muslim begins with a simple and sincere declaration which is known as the Testimony of Faith or Shahadah in Arabic. Behind its concise and succinct set of words lies a life changing message signaling the start of a new life with a clear purpose.

The Shahadah is the most important pillar of Islam, and the foundation upon …. Think about it. So, who deserves our thanks, our gratitude, and our praise?

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George-Tvrtkovic writes that Mary can be an example for us. Her qualities, attested to by both traditions and evident in the annunciation story, serve as a model for what a truly dialogical relationship between Christians and Muslims can look like. But George-Tvrtkovic also reminds readers that, like our ancestors, we have agency over our symbols.

Ultimately, it is up to us to decide who Mary is—a bridge or a barrier. Mary can be an example for us. Many of the crucial, revelatory takeaways from both books come toward the end, only after readers have made their way through extensive details.

Readers will profit from a peek at the introductions and conclusions early on. Both Green and George-Tvrtkovic write in a compelling and accessible style, successfully walking readers through subject matter that requires deep nuance. Both books would fit well into high school and undergraduate courses, and journalists and lay readers of diverse backgrounds will benefit much from them.

Both Green and George-Tvrtkovic have written timely texts that help elevate our thinking and improve the ways we relate to our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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Readers who share these goals will be well served by both books. J; Introduction to Islam Prof.


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Gabriel S. Reynolds, Ph. In Islam, Mary was part of the trinity. Apparently Muhammad did not understand it. The author should read these books from authors who speak and read Arabic. The term "Sunni" means conduct or behavior and it refers to the conduct and behavior of Muhammad and his followers during Muhammad's life and shortly thereafter. It is to this that readers should pay attention because to be a true Muslim, one must try to imitate Muhammad and his concurrent followers.

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I was expecting some comparative beliefs what we believe is true and what is true and instead got a book report. Totally not what I was expecting as I continued to read, hoping to find "an accurate look". I can give her plenty of scholarly references that show a very close link between Islam, Quran, and terrorism--including sharia law with no separation of Church and State, and the the second class status of women--was Mary second class?

Why are so many white western Catholics apologists for a religion that is incompatible with Western values based on christianity? Review: An accurate look at Muslim beliefs. Jordan Denari Duffner October 24, Review: An accurate look at Muslim beliefs During a papal press conference in , Pope Francis called on Muslims to condemn acts of terrorism committed by their co-religionists.

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Presumed Guilty by Todd H. Green Fortress Press. Reading Islam's holy book.

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Jordan Denari Duffner. Jesus in the Quran. Francis X. Clooney, S.

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