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Fossilized Orthoceras in stone matrix, cut into a heart shape and polished, on brass chain. Fossils were thought of as a gift from the stars that are used to enhance telepathic communication between the present and other realms. Metaphysically fossils are thought to assist one in business endeavors and also assist one in manifesting ones accomplishments in business communication and innovation realms.

In healing, fossils are used to assist with curing diseases and aliments of the bones, skeletal system, hands and feet.

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Fossil stone is also helpful in keeping one grounded, aiding in stability and physically stamina. Fossil stone has a very calming and soothing energy to it that releases stress, tranquility, contentment and comfort. Shipping Note: If we discover an overcharge on shipping costs when packing your order, we will contact you and refund the difference once packed.

Off-the-Wall Factor: Henderson-Townsend's company rents and sells mannequin body parts. She even named her business Mannequin Madness because she knew she was "either mad for doing this--or I'd found a really crazy niche in a unique market. Off-the-Wall Factor: The business sells lamps with a base that's the shape of a woman's stocking-clad leg--modeled to look just like the lamp that Ralphie's father receives in the Christmas classic, A Christmas Story.

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Business : Eternal Reefs, based in Decatur, Georgia. Off-the-Wall Factor: Eternal Reefs mixes the ashes of cremated people into cement to form "reef balls," which they then lower into the ocean to help create habitats for marine life. Off-the-Wall Factor: Rescate developed a gadget that actually teaches a cat to do its business on the toilet. Then after a few weeks, the gadget can be thrown away, and pet kitties can relieve themselves on the regular toilet. To put it bluntly, she sells toilet training kits for cats. Off-the-Wall Factor: It's the largest clothing-optional RV park in the United States, holding up to people and boasting all of the amenities one would expect at a vacation destination resort.

Off-the-Wall Factor: Thomas has built a mini business empire around selling fertilizer made of chicken poop that goes by the name Guano Plus guano being the Spanish word for animal droppings.

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Off-the-Wall Factor: This is the country's first and apparently only accredited whole-body donation company--as in this is where you could go if you want to give your body to science. Not-So-Off-the-Wall Revenue: Science Care won't disclose revenue, but wants to stress that they don't buy bodies--they're all donated--and they don't sell them either. They make money from university medical centers and the like that pay for the services of Science Care's pathologists and the cost of storing and shipping body parts.

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