Prepare Now for the Temple: An Essential Guide for Young Adult Sisters

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Be careful not to look beyond the mark in temple worship, as the Pharisees and Sadducees did in Christ's time. Don't worry. Mangus said, "Nervousness accompanies any first-time experience, but you're going to the house of the Lord. There is nothing in His house that you need to worry about. Email: mgarrett desnews. Deseret News Church News Subscribe. By Michelle Garrett Bulsiewicz mgarrett Add a comment. Like that? Read this. Faith 7 hours ago Christian family details crackdown on church in China.

You are on of the people that this article was written for. We have articles of faith, small passages that tell you a lot about what we do. We are a christian religion, and we have another scriptural book. It is culural, as specific areas of the world have culture, and specific people do.

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We do not scilence voices, in fact we ask for all sorts of people to talk to us, and to travel to talk to others. I am currently enrolled at the Univ of Utah and i can tell you that there are plenty of polygamist colonies still around out here and I know several students who come from that life. Matt- Yes, it is true that the Church in had to be coerced strongly into giving up polygamy. They were terrified of what that would mean for their families. At the time, many members were okay with the thought of no future polygamous marriages, but what did it mean for the existing ones?

It had become illegal for a man to be in the same room as his wife.

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How would you like being told that you could never see your wife or children again? Would you jump for joy and sign the dotted line? Marriage and family are central tenets of the LDS faith. They loved their wives. They adored their children. They wanted to be a part of their lives. And somehow you see that as a negative and something to tar all current Mormons with? I think that was a very kind, compassionate, and entirely understandable position for them.

However, I think you would be severely hard pressed to find a modern Mormon that was interested in bringing the practice back to the Church. In fact, we are asked in an interview by our congregational leaders every other year if we support polygamous groups. It is not a supported opinion. And others. Apparently all of u are not aware of the real beliefs of LDS. Latter Day Saint men respect and love their spouses. Would never degrade them the way you are talking about. Whether it be in UT or any other state.

You want to know the truth, contact the missionaries. They can set you straight and maybe you might even feel the spirit tell you that what you are hearing is correct.

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Without knowing history of the church, you could easily be persuaded by others that have no factual information based on rumor, and partial facts. Just like small children that pick up profanity, it being negative and easy to say. I feel as adults we do the same thing on different topics disagree. A: We tell people that only they can decide whether they believe in the church or not, which is true! And if they decide not, No hard feelings! I disagree that this article is thoughtful or intelligent, it reflects a completely false view of Mormons and asserts that they are victims of untruths related to historical facts.

Come live here in Utah ans see the manipulation and interference in our community by the LDS and the rest of the ignorant followers. If this lady got her PHD then it should be invalidated.

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I agree with the article and wish more people were educated on the history of discrimination against church members and why it exists. Surveys have shown that an atheist candidate for U. Is there some reason why an individual with a different, yet equally unacceptable idea about a god, or many gods, should not be scrutinized for unproven mysteries they choose to accept as a personal truth? Anyone who. By all means, go to mormon.

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Then visit exmormon. To learn what any organization teaches or represents, you have to go to the source — the organization itself.

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Anything else would only be heresay and biased, personal opinion. I certainly hope no one in America is shallow enough to base their vote for President of the U. Mormons are biased in favor of Mormonism, main-stream Protestants are biased in favor of main-stream Protestantism. Atheists are biased in favor of Atheism. It would be foolish for anyone to presume they are devoid of bias.

However, since biased sources of information are all we have to work with, it is best to proceed by simply taking that bias into account and trying to collect the primary-source information. Furthermore, all organizations have unsavory elements E. Church congregants who gossip behind your back, political fraud in the white house, mounting student debt for BU students, etc… , but those organizations are unlikely to tell you about the unsavory elements upfront because they want to present themselves positively.

Of course those students will be biased by heaps of student loans and a potentially daunting future, but that does not make their case illegitimate. I am a Mormon cultural or middle-way , and I recommend mormonthink. There are many different belief levels of Mormons. Obviously, most ex-mormons will have a negative bias, and most actively practicing Mormons will have a positive bias.

Many Mormon fans of Mormonthink. Go to en. Please, do not try to represent a biased anti-Mormon site as somehow unbiased. They clearly are not.

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For example David likes to breath heavily and thrust himself up and down upon children. Creeper right? But what if David is a life guard performing CPR on a child who is not breathing after nealry drowning? Well, if you want a simple direct answer, it calls into question the intelligence and gullability of that individual. You should absolutely consult ex-Catholics and ex-Baptists about those religions. Plenty of crazy BS from all of them. I think then you would be implying that Ken Dahl is crazy.

Mormons are good at deflecting information they choose not to deal with. The truth is Mr. No one responding could argue that, so they choose to divert your attention to what he was associated with, hoping they could convince, the reader he was misinformed. So argue facts if you going to give Mr. Dahl a hard time you have no idea what it takes to be an ex-Mormon. Just sayin. And where they are not accurate, well, those are just pernicious lies masquerading as accuracies. And all his comments are aimed at hurting the LDS church. There is only one standard to really judge the LDS church — go and visit one yourself!

See the people, ask them questions, hear the range of answers, and be prepared to challenge yourself in your assumptions. You control the pace of the research, and if you do not like it or get uncomfortable, you can leave at anytime. But at least you will know much more than you ever will just by reading the opinion of others. Same goes for the Book of Mormon.

Those answers may come as thoughts, words, or feelings, but when they do, you will recognize them for what they are: words from the Holy Ghost testifying of the truth of what you are reading. The belief system of an individual, however solid or absurd, speaks volumes about their character and value system.