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Zipline focuses on running an elite operation so doctors can focus on giving patients the care they deserve.

World-Class Service and Support

Since we launched in Rwanda in October , Zipline has been making lifesaving deliveries every day. Hundreds of hospitals and health facilities now rely on Zipline's vital service to improve patient care. Our drones now cover entire countries, giving doctors instant access to critical medical products, like blood and vaccines, that were previously out of reach. Because of Zipline, thousands of children will grow up with their mothers, women who would have otherwise lost too much blood due to postpartum hemorrhage.

Our rapid response times and ability to deliver even the rarest blood types have helped Rwanda to make massive strides in reducing maternal mortality rates.

Hundreds of families will now watch their kids grow up because when their children contracted malaria, Zipline delivered the blood they needed for a transfusion. A national on-demand drone delivery system, which many once thought impossible, is now routine in a country no one expected would be leading the world in innovation. In , Zipline began operations in Ghana, a west African democracy of 29 million people. We're expanding to provide most of the country's population with access to any medical products they need, with four distribution centers spanning from the dense southern regions surrounding Ghana's capital, Accra, to the remote and arid north of the country.

Our service has been refined through years of testing and thousands of deliveries. Zipline excels when faced with the real-world challenges of inclement weather, surges in demand, and lifesaving urgency. Capacity from each distribution center. This is up to one ton of medicine and blood products, daily.

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Proven to work in extremes: from the hot California desert to the rainy mountains of Rwanda. Zipline's drones fly through real-world weather, day and night. Average time from order placed to delivery. This was once a 5 hour round-trip truck drive for many hospitals. A single Zipline distribution center can provide instant medical access to millions.

For large countries, Zipline builds a network of distribution centers. A single flight can deliver up to 3 units of blood. For larger orders, multiple drones are sent at the same time.

How Zipline Increases Access

Watch Overview by Wendover. Zipline has designed redundant systems into our drone. The drone has two motors and if one stops working, the other kicks in. The same is true for the drone's power, communications, and navigation systems. On top of all that, the drone has a parachute landing system as a backup to the backup.

Watch the Safety Film. Zipline flies more than 40, km every five days. That's the equivalent of circumnavigating the planet! We've hardened our systems with over 2,, km flown.

Skydio Beacon™

Nearby, farmers and researchers are experimenting with one possible answer: A drone that can help farmers protect their crops from the effects of climate change and ward off hungry birds at the same time. As climate change brings more unpredictable and extreme weather, small-scale farmers are increasingly turning to technology to help them find ways to keep their farms sustainable, agricultural experts say. According to Madjitey, a single drone can scare away birds on a farm as large as three acres 1. Since the CTA launched its Eyes in the Sky, Smart Techs on the Ground project in Ghana three years ago, starting with cassava and cashew nut farmers, more than 2, farmers in rural Ghana have become involved, Madjitey said.

When farmers join the project, they organise into cooperatives of about people.

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The farmers are grouped by neighborhood, so a single drone can cover two or three farms each time it goes on a flight, said. Usually, one or two farmers in each cooperative are trained to use the drones and they operate the devices for all the farmers in the group, he added.

The use of drones in agriculture is part of a global move toward technical innovations that allow farmers to work faster and more efficiently. For example, she noted, drones can be used to collect field data - such as crop inventories or the status of irrigation infrastructure - over a wide area.

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This data can help farmers and policymakers plan for and adapt to the ongoing effects of climate change, she said. Helping farmers adapt to climate change also presents new business and job opportunities, said Giacomo Rambaldi, head of the drone project at CTA.


Since its launch, Eyes in the Sky has been working with business startups run by young people in more than 20 Africa countries, he explained. The project trains youth in rural areas to operate agribusinesses, such as creating and selling innovations that can improve production for smallholder farmers.