THE GARDEN: The Story of Adam and Eve

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Apparently, the Garden in Eden, like the land of Dilmun was a place of everlasting joy without death. The theological reflection here would be, unlike foreign gods, the God of Genesis is not a selfish god, but a god who sought to establish a relationship with humanity. Briefly, the purpose of the Eden narrative in the book of Genesis could be interpreted in two ways. Evil is a human product. Second, the Eden narrative also functions as an etiological legend seeking to answer questions about human origin. As for the Eden narrative, Adam and Eve were the first humans who were also the first parents who gave birth to humanity.

Like cosmogonic literature of the ancient Near East, the Eden legend is designed to speculate on the origins of humanity and its first residence. The Garden in Eden was the first residence of humanity given by God himself. Editorial Review This Article has been reviewed for accuracy, reliability and adherence to academic standards prior to publication. We're a small non-profit organisation run by a handful of volunteers.

Become a Member. Laie, B. Garden of Eden. Ancient History Encyclopedia. Laie, Benjamin T. Last modified January 12, Ancient History Encyclopedia, 12 Jan Written by Benjamin T. This license lets others remix, tweak, and build upon this content non-commercially, as long as they credit the author and license their new creations under the identical terms. Please note that content linked from this page may have different licensing terms. Laie published on 12 January Remove Ads Advertisement. This covers you question since it could not necessarily refer to siblings.

Who is the Wife of Cain and where is she come from. How can this not be true? Blessings after Meals and Adam's Punishment There is a conflict of ideas. After a meal we thank G-d for it and we say that "He provides food for all" and also that there is plenty available shefa. We also say that wild animals thirst and lack food, which is also in opposite to Adam's punishment. Is there an explanation for something that happened after the expulsion from Eden? Is there any insights to the theory that Adam and Chavah were clothed in light. This being the reason they did not know they were naked until they sinned and lost their mantle when their light went out?

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I've often wondered when G-d called out to them in the gan edan , where are you? How could they hid from HaShem? Lastly any insight into the skins G-d used to cover them which resulted in the first death in creation.

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Fascinating subject and a wonderful teaching Jacob Isaacs. The Torah says: "Do not add or subtract from the mitzvot. Do you see anywhere in the Torah where it says they were dressed in light? Why are you adding a detail that is not found anywhere in the text?

This one is a different form of "where are you" that implies he knows where they are. It's a rhetorical question. Look at the original Hebrew. Once again, you're assuming that there was a death needed, which is not in the text. You're also assuming that animals did not die on their own, and he used a skin from an animal that already passed away. Try to ground yourself in the text.

What is the real story of the Garden of Eden?

AK thanks for the reply. Good advice to be grounded in the text as assumption leads to fancy.

God Sets The Stage

Shabbat shalom. So G-d is doing a collective punishment. We are being punished for something that two people did thousands years ago. It's just doesn't make sense. Where is justice in this? This is how I see it.

This life isnt a punishment. Its a chance to put your imprint on this world, to matter. As an eternal being in Eden, you have no needs, no challenges. By having everything, you really have nothing. By leaving eden you can suffer tribulations and prevail. You can make a mark in this world. Now look at Hashem. He wants to love us. How can a being such has Himself, who has everything love?

Love is a give and take processes. But we have nothing to give! Only take! So what Hashem had to do was place us in a post Eden world where we can give Him something! Defeat a challenge, give charity to the suffering, work to earn Eden back!

Adam and Eve

Adam didn't ask for Eden. He didn't earn it. But we can! Show G-d you care! Now true love can exist bc now there is give and take! Take G-ds blessing and give back to Him by doing the things that are important to him.

Chapter 3: Adam and Eve

Personal sacrifice! Faith in the face of adversity, give and take. These are the requirements of real love. Good question. I'm expecting the answer too. First, G-d planted the idea in her head when he said not to eat it I'm a parent, and I know if you tell your kid not to do something, that's exactly she wants to do.

Second, the serpent coaxed her using faulty logic and lies. That's why Eve had thoughts G-d did know that Adam and Chava were going to eat from the tree. He said "On the day that you eat from it, you will die. You are also correct in assuming that because Adam and Chava had no Yetzer hara, they could not have an evil inclination to disobey the one commandment they were given.

After Chava spoke with the serpent, Chava concluded they God intended them to eat from the tree. Adam and Chava were created to perform mitzvahs, and she saw that, herself and Adam being perfect, and Gan Eden being perfect, there were no mitzvahs to perform. So she concluded that she had to eat and bring herself and Adam into the world of Good and Evil. Hashem cannot force us to be righteous, it must be a choice. So Chava followed his logic. After she told Adam, he was convinced as well. That is why he said "She made me do it. The serpent, by extension, did nothing wrong.

Hashem was proud. It is safe to assume that being that Adam and Eve were a couple, if he was expelled, she was expelled along with him. Actually, it's not safe to assume that. If he had not sinned, he would have stayed in the garden. Why would he be punished for not sinning? Makes no sense really. He blames HaShem, "that woman you gave me. Was Eve Expelled Genesis indicates only that "he" and "the man" were expelled - note both are singular and masculine. Where does Genesis Chapter 3 indicate that Eve was expelled from the Garden? I agree- Eve was not expelled from the garden.