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Like the Navy, for those who receive an expert qualification, the Marksmanship Medal is awarded instead of the Marksmanship Ribbon. Once a year, thousands of U. Army and Air National Guard shooters champion marksmanship teams from each state compete against each other at the Winston P. Wilson Rifle and Pistol Championships. In the Missouri National Guard , the top twelve guardsmen selected to represent their state at the Winston P. Wilson matches are awarded the Governor's Twelve Ribbon which is worn on dress uniforms; any guardsman who earns the award more than once wear Hawthorn Cluster device s on top of the ribbon.

In addition, these guardsman are awarded the Governor's Twelve Tab for wear on the combat uniform.

Designated marksman

In addition to this ribbon, these guardsman are also awarded the Adjutant General's Twenty Combat Badge for wear on the combat uniform. Guardsmen are authorized to wear these ribbons as a permanent decoration on service dress uniforms, to the left of federal awards, when operating under Title 32 state control status.

When federalized Title 10 , guardsman cannot wear these ribbons until they return to Title 32 status. Army and U. Marine Corps provide weapons qualification badges instead of a marksmanship ribbon.

Marine Scout Sniper Training

The Army platoons contain smaller squads. Each Army fire team consists of a team leader, an automatic rifleman, a grenadier, and a rifleman. Note that the Army squad is using a dedicated grenadier in place of an assistant automatic rifleman.

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Typically, one rifleman in each squad will be a squad designated marksman, a specially trained shooter who engages targets at long range. Also, the Army has an additional squad in each platoon, the infantry weapons squad. On top of that, suppressors as a general rule also produce additional pressure on the operating mechanism since they capture propellant gasses in a confined chamber right at the muzzle of the gun. This in turn typically causes the action to cycle faster than it would without the device installed. During the tests, the M27s with the KAC suppressor suffered a significant number of jams, almost all attributed to the increased cyclic rate.

Marine Corps Rifle Marksmanship and Data Books

These failures occurred during both semi-automatic and fully-automatic fire. Modifications to either the weapons or purchase of new optics or suppressors with improved features might reduce or even eliminate the problems, but could easily incur additional costs.

Based on the reviews of the OSS suppressor, adding improved ancillary equipment onto the guns in the future could make them more expensive to operate and maintain, as well.

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The price of the rifles, which have been significantly higher than earlier Mpattern guns, has long been an issue. Members of Congress have openly questioned the wisdom of the Marines desire to rapidly buy thousands more of the guns without holding an open competition, especially to a foreign-headquartered firm. This is less than half the cost the service had paid per weapon in the past, suggesting that the increased orders had led to lower unit costs.

In the meantime, unfortunately, Marines will have to make do with the rifles, scopes, and suppressors they have now, which could be less accurate and less reliable under actual operational conditions than advertised.

By Joseph Trevithick May 4, The War Zone. A Marine holds an M38 designated marksman rifle during an evaluation in Contact the author: jtrevithickpr gmail. Don't forget to sign up. The service wants to get more rifles based on Heckler and Koch's HK into the hands of Marines in general. The HK and its derivatives are quickly becoming the combat rifle that all others are judged by—and the Pentagon is having a hard time denying that fact.